Aphelion offers comprehensive technical disaster recovery expertise from our experienced international team of systems engineers and process management staff whose single focus is to provide measurable results for our clients.



Aphelion’s development of critical information management solutions transforms organizations from being spreadsheet-based to an integrated transparent business communication paradigm improving business operational efficiencies and decision support tools.



We believe that each customer's cloud solution should be custom designed to fit into their existing systems. There is no one-size-fits-all option. That's why we offer a range of services for the secure, efficient and cost effective management of business data and applications.



Aphelion's IT Infrastructure and Security Assessment services provide organisations with a framework with which to assess, plan and deliver the IT infrastructure change that they need to achieve their business objectives.



As the technology foundation for Aphelion’s capabilities, Aphelion’s managed services helps public and private clients reduce operating costs, avoid significant capital expenditures, and improve service by providing end-to-end management of IT operations and network infrastructure.



Aphelion’s network intrusion and protection system provides real-time situational awareness and management of threats that could severely impact your business, clients and your end-users.

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Aphelion provides IT flexibility to meet the needs of today's volatile world. As the technology foundation for our capabilities, Aphelion's managed services helps public and private clients reduce operating costs, avoid significant capital expenditures, and improve service by providing end-to-end management of IT operations and network infrastructure. Clients have continued to leverage Aphelion to design, build and manage diverse IT infrastructure. Whether it be a division of government, financial institution, city, hospital or commercial enterprise, Aphelion understands the importance of streamlining, optimizing and sustaining critical information technology systems.


  • Reduces total operating costs:
    Alleviates the need to provide in-house IT capability and avoids the costly capital investment of doing so.

  • Increases IT longevity:
    Our time-proven methods and services provide long-term, sustainable results.

  • Enhances flexibility:
    Our solutions are adaptable and scalable-they accommodate changing processes and needs.

  • Introduces refinement and efficiency:
    Aphelion integrates off-the-shelf products and/or customized applications that augment clients' core operations and allows efficiency in managing additional client platforms.

  • Provides access to a deep knowledge-base:
    Aphelion has subject matter experts in diverse industry-leading technologies. We continuously evaluate enterprise technology solutions, and only adopt those that provide overall performance and value.

  • Improves IT risk management:
    Improves security by placing the development of IT solutions in the hands of experienced security experts.

  • Sharpens focus:
    Allows organizations to concentrate on their core business functions.

  • Utilizes best-in-class processes:
    Aphelion has developed and refined technical and business processes that best serve clients. One example: our software delivery lifecycle process framework. This tailored approach incorporates an iterative, business-process-driven methodology that delivers and enhances software applications over several phases to allow solutions that continue to evolve over time to meet clients' changing needs.

  • Provides assurance:
    Aphelion's 24/7 support, along with its proven and reliable technologies and sustainable methodologies, are there when you need them-any time, any day.

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Dedicated "Cloud" Hosting

By delivering enterprise-class computing and support in a "private cloud," Aphelion offers best-in-class dedicated infrastructure functionality and performance without having clients worry about supporting the underlying hardware or software or concern about technology refresh/replacement costs. Whether the solution includes the entire suite of hardware, software, facilities and support provided as a flat monthly fee (Infrastructure as a Service) or management of client owned infrastructure, Aphelion can support either or within a hybrid delivery model.

Aphelion IT Management Services keep business applications, databases, storage devices, and network systems running reliably and securely. They optimally deploy, monitor, and manage core infrastructure through standardization, virtualization, monitoring, automation, and ITIL-based best practices. Services include:

  • Managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Application and Database Hardware/ Software, Data Center Facilities, Core network and security infrastructure, Storage Application Hosting Nightly and off site backups Diverse carrier access Disaster Recovery Virtualization
  • Application Hosting
  • Nightly and off site backups
  • Diverse carrier access
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Virtualization

Shared Infrastructure "Cloud" Hosting

To reduce total cost of ownership and minimize carbon footprint, Aphelion multi-tenant managed services allows clients to decouple processing and storage capabilities from physical servers so they can boost server utilization while minimizing power consumption and space requirements. Clients receive affordable best in class hardware, software and support whilst making available technology experts on a 24x7 basis.

High levels of security, reliability, performance, customization and service are inherent and clients can scale quickly, while optimizing hardware resources and achieving "pay as you go" billing for services. Hardware, software, skilled technology resources and facilities are bundled at a low fixed monthly fee, allowing business owners to accurately predict IT operations cost while allowing them to focus on their core business. Services include:

  • Application and Database Servers
  • Custom built Virtual Servers
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)/Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Nightly and off site backups
  • Core network infrastructure - Switching, Routers, Firewall, Intrusion Detection Systems, Security Log Analysis
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Unified Communications/Voice over IP
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Messaging/Collaboration
  • Diverse carrier access

Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

Aphelion delivers 24x7 remote infrastructure monitoring and management services from our Mauritius-based Center. Aphelion helps many global enterprises cut down the costs of infrastructure monitoring and management while gaining access to expert skill sets. Our operation center utilizes industry leading monitoring and management tools to proactively manage remote client environments including, but not limited to servers, applications, network infrastructure, and storage appliances. System alerts and events are analyzed and remediated 24x7 so client resources can focus on their core business functions. Aphelion remote proactive monitoring service helps to maximize performance, reduce mean time to respond, and decrease downtime.

Services include:

  • Redundant 24x7 Enterprise Operations Center
  • Servers
  • Virtualized Environments
  • Network Infrastructure - Hardware, Carrier management, WAN Acceleration
  • Storage Appliances
  • Security Systems
  • Applications

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Aphelion designs and implements full disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, with a focus to provide the infrastructure necessary for businesses to restore their critical IT systems and processes after a disaster. Many organizations have more than one disaster recovery strategy in place because different business processes have different costs and service level agreements. For many organizations, the availability of a low-cost, managed disaster recovery facility enables a recovery site strategy without the associated costs of a dedicated secondary site and operational expenses.

Aphelion offers a range of disaster recovery and business continuity managed services customized to cost-effectively meet the individual requirements of organizations. While there are many disaster recovery models offered commercially, they generally fall into three categories: hot sites, warm sites and cold sites.

  • Redundant facilities
  • Service level guarantees
  • Remote PC/desktop management tools to assist end users in real time, avoiding the need to deploy resources
  • Ticketing platform, tracking all events followed by comprehensive monthly reporting.
  • Secure customer portal
  • Per call or volume discount pricing
  • Comprehensive event resolution or third-party escalation

Application Management

Many companies lack the resources to cover all competencies along the application lifecycle. Aphelion offers clients the choice and flexibility of support for specific applications or for the entire application portfolio, including custom, off-the-shelf and enterprise solutions (i.e. Oracle, Autosys, Citrix, VMWare, SQL Server,Cisco VoIP, etc). We specialize in the evolution, operation, and maintenance of mission-critical applications. The goal is to optimize client application investments: going beyond cost savings by deploying efficient process and methodologies.

Aphelion's comprehensive approach delivers significant improvements in operations, risk mitigation, and tangible performance enhancements including a reduction of support costs by 15% to 40%. Clients achieve transparency and increased response KPIs, thereby providing the confidence and flexibility to free budgets, redirect high performing staff, and pursue strategic initiatives. Through proven processes, tools and expertise, clients are able to optimize their application portfolio, resulting in seamless operation and dependable performance. Services include:

  • Change Management (Service Desk, Production Support, and User Support)
  • Application Maintenance
  • Enhancements and Upgrades
  • Application Functional Support
  • Application Report Enhancement
  • Application Updates/ Patching
  • Custom Development

Enterprise Outsourcing Services

For organizations considering comprehensive management of systems, business processes, staffing as well as leadership, Aphelion offers enterprise outsourcing programs. Aphelion tailors each engagement to meet specific client business needs by carefully considering size and complexity. Aphelion leverages its broad spectrum of dedicated/shared managed services, technology experts and program management methodologies to provide a solution that is focused on client objectives while seeking to reduce overall program operating costs. "On-demand" business service engagements can include an entire function or discrete activities within multiple business functions.

Aphelion has successfully executed wide-scale projects that achieved standardized, repeatable processes under one integrated governance structure. Organizations capitalize on an outsourcing methodology that enables better administration, management and measurement of business KPIs. Savings from enterprise outsourcing result from:

  • Standardized Operations
  • Simplified Governance
  • Lowered Risks through Operational Efficiencies
  • Reduced Redundancy Costs
  • Cost Maintenance and Budgeting
  • Mapping IT to Performance Matrixes
  • Consolidated Vendor Management
  • Improved Workforce Performance through Proven Process Design
  • Customers served more effectively

IT Professional Services

Aphelion's IT consulting services address aspects of reducing cost, increasing agility and enabling IT system transformation. Aphelion offers focused solutions over a diverse number of infrastructure environments and leverages its proven IT infrastructure assessment tools and methodologies to design solutions that are closely aligned to the client's business strategy.

Aphelion specialists deliver solutions that focus on the dependencies between business and technology objectives. Whether clients require assistance assessing IT application architecture, managing a complex wide area network implementation, or upgrading legacy platforms, Aphelion can help. All IT professional services are overseen by Aphelion's world class project management team.

  • Project and Program Management
  • Enterprise Strategic Planning
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • IT Audits and Assessments
  • Wide/ Local Area Network Architecture & Design
  • System upgrade and integration
  • Short and long-term on site skilled resources
  • Security Assessments & Remediation


Aphelion continuously harnesses and synthesizes new and emerging technologies to provide clients with the most efficient and effective means to integrate, optimize, manage, and secure their IT networks, data, and enterprise information systems.

Increase your return on investment, lower your operating expenses and
drive new value from your network assets.

About Us

Aphelion's technology resources and services are the catalyst to improving and protecting global data and infrastructure management of all industries that affect life – energy, security, telecommunications, government, health care, transportation, emergency facilities, commercial and financial services.


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Aligning 21st Century Demands. With 21st Century Answers.

Aphelion is a technology and managed services organization solely focused on the convergence of technology, application and mission-critical data. As a leader in information technology, we leverage our extensive systems engineering and application development expertise to develop technology-based approaches for those who deliver essential services that affect life.

Our core competencies integrate and activate technology resources to help clients visualize, integrate, secure, and manage their information. Clients value these services for their power to radically and positively impact societal, economic, and financial decisions.

Aphelion draws upon its strong expertise and heritage to serve a broader purpose: to deliver our unparalleled information management services to an expanded client base, exponentially increasing the beneficial services and competitive edge we deliver to clients on a global level.

We guarantee reliability, scalability, security and performance, taking pride in delivering each solution, tailor-made to our clients' requirements. All solutions are backed by our superior customer service and 'extra mile' support culture.

At Aphelion we strive to continuously build upon and enhance the value of how we marry advanced technology with our clients’ mission critical data. The outcome? We help our clients modernize their critical infrastructure and enable positive change and security within their organization.

Our vision is to develop on our strong heritage and domain expertise, while continuing to serve as the quintessential technology infrastructure management resource.

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